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Make your money grow with these money saving crops

As the supermarket prices soar and the cost of living continues to rise we are here to champion the benefits of growing your own fresh produce at home.

If you are looking for which crops to grow that can potentially save you some good money then look no further as we have curated a little list for you below of the best and worst money saving crops.

Big harvest, little profit

Although they are fantastic, easy crops to grow at home these picks won’t be necessarily saving you a huge amount of money.

Maincrop potatoes


These two kitchen staples found in many households are relatively cheap to buy in the supermarkets compared to other crops on this list making them less profitable to grow at home.

Tip – Maximise your space. Growing potatoes in bags and containers dramatically reduces space needed. Click here for more information on growing your own potatoes.

Productive crops

Productivity of your crops in this instance refers to the crop yield amount per area of space used. Put simply, these vegetables are as good at space saving as they are at producing.

Runner beans



Swish Chard



Tomatoes and peppers are particularly sparse and expensive currently – so these are firm favourites this season.

Fast and easy Growing

Some of the crops on this list such as cress are so easy to grow, it’s almost criminal. One pack of seeds will go a mighty long way in saving you money and you won’t be waiting a long time to reap the benefits.

Salad leaves




Spring onion

‘Exotic’ crops

Exotic crops can fetch a hefty price at the supermarket due to many factors including market popularity, lack of availability and import costs. There are many crops on this list but here are a few that will be easier to grow in the UK than others!



Yellow Tomatoes



These veggies don’t have to break the bank however as they naturally grow in warmer climates, you may want to invest in a grow/glasshouse for the more fragile crops e.g. chillies.

Tip – If you enjoy exotic produce, then investing in the right equipment for these crops is a must and you’ll be able to reap the rewards for years to come.   

Long term investments

These trees, shrubs and herbs will reward you through the year – every year with the appropriate care and attention.

Soft fruits

Fig trees

Fruit trees

Citrus trees


Herbs are very costly in stores especially when purchased in packets, but a packet of seeds or small plant will last as long as you care for it – even sat on a windowsill.

Costly herbs like basil will be especially profitable to grow

Depending on the stage of your tree, they may need time to establish and grow but with time they will reward you with an abundance of produce for the money you spent.

Supermarket Savers

Have you ever picked up that £2 bag of mixed salad leaves or those £3 pack of tiny raspberries that only last the car journey home and thought, I could grow these at home?

These are just some of the fruits and vegetables that you can grow to save yourself a LOT of money compared to those supermarket prices.



Mixed salad leaves

Goji berries



Most ‘salad’ produce

Blueberry shrubs can cost as little as £12 and will produce many berries year after year. Some real no brainers here.

Most salad vegetables you can grow at home will be cheaper to produce than buy – Cucumbers and tomatoes grow in abundance and salad leaves can be repeatedly picked for refreshing salad veggies at a fraction of the cost.

For 9 more reasons why you may want to grow your own this year follow this link here!

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