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How to do Lasagne Bulb Planting

By planting your Spring bulbs in layers (also known as Lasagne planting) in your garden as well as pots and containers you can ensure you have colourful flowers for longer.

Here is our simple guide on how to lasagne plant:

1. Add broken pottery or similar to allow drainage in your container

2. Plant bulbs that want to be as deep as possible into the soil (such as aliums) in the lowest layer. See the planting guide below for more help.

3. Then add a layer of compost before adding another layer of bulbs that flower earlier and suit a shallower depth – such as tulips or similar. When planting your bulbs rotate their position so they are not directly above the previous layer.

3. Add another layer of compost and then choose bulbs such as a hyacinth or crocus that require less depth.

4. And then cover and top your container with Autumn bedding to give you colour through Autumn & Winter.

Planting in layers will have no adverse effects on the bulbs. They will simply flower one after another in the same spot.

Suggested flowering heights and planting depths:

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