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There are plenty of vegetable and flower varieties you can be sowing this month for next year.

Here are our top recommendations for planting in the month of November…

Veg to plant in November…


Salad can be sown indoors or in a greenhouse now.

Spring Onion

Certain spring onion varieties such as ‘performer’ can be sown now for winter and spring crops. They do well in pots, greenhouses and under cloches for protection.

First Early Peas

First early pea seeds are hardy enough to be sown now for overwintering, and will provide a spring harvest.

Pak Choi

Pak Choi can be sown now – protect under cloches.

Flowers to plant in November…


Eryngium are a wonderful thistle-like perennials, that are loved by bees. Sow in seed trays to over winter.


Bugleweed is a plant native to the UK and loved by pollinators.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a well-loved and wonderful flower, that can be sown now.


Another well-loved and popular plant, that attracts a variety of pollinators. Sow in containers.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts