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The weather in the UK in May is usually mild with all chance of frosts gone. Most plants and vegetables are able to be sown directly outside, and earlier sowings being planted out.

Here are our top recommendations for planting in the month of May…

Veg to plant in May…


Courgettes can be grown and sown directly into the ground now. They also work well in pots.

Runner Beans

Runner beans can be sown directly outside now – ensure you use support canes to aid new shoots.


Rocket is easy to grow and produces crops fast – seeds can now be directly sown into pots.


Carrots are a wonderful vegetable to grow, and good for beginners – sow directly into the ground now.

Flowers to plant in May…


Now is a great time to plant Sunflower seeds – sow them directly into the ground where you want them to flower.


Dill is a wonderful all rounder; it can be used in cooking and in flower displays due to the lovely blooms they produce.


Scatter the seeds of zinnias now for beautiful blooms in summer.


Verbena seeds can be sown directly outside now – ensure soil is well prepare your soil before sowings.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts