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As the weather slowly begins to pick up, there are plenty of veg and flower varieties you can begin to sow. A lot of these varieties can be sown directly outside, whilst some will need to be indoors to start off until the last frost has passed.

Here are our top recommendations for planting in the month of March…

Veg to plant in March…


Beetroot is a fantastic vegetable to grow – especially if you’re a beginner. Sow directly outside as beetroot will germinate in cooler conditions.


Chard can be sown directly into the ground or in pots now.


Sow turnip seeds directly outside.

Broad Beans

Early broad bean varieties can be sown directly outside now.

Flowers to plant in March…


Sunflowers can be sown directly where you want them to flower.

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Plant summer-flowering bulbs such as Ranunculus and gladiolas now into beds and borders.


Wildflower seeds can be raked into the soil where you want them to grow.

Sweet Peas

Sow sweet peas directly where you want them to flower; use support canes as they grow.

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