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With the weather picking up more and more this time of year, June is a fantastic time to sow seeds and plant out any young plants you may have been growing earlier in the year.

Here are our top recommendations for planting in the month of June…

Veg to plant in June…

Spring Onion

The ground is warm enough for spring onion to be sown directly in the ground.


Swede likes well fertilised soil – once prepared sow swede seeds directly into the ground.


Plant your pumpkins and squashes outside now.


Radishes are a wonderful, fast-growing salad vegetables – great for beginners. Sow now directly into the ground.

Flowers to plant in June…


Coreopsis can be sown outside now for bright summer blooms.


To enjoy late-summer blooms, directly sow Calendula where you want it to flower into the ground now.


Nigella are a well-loved flower, and popular for their attractive seed heads. Scatter Nigella seeds in your borders.


Nasturtiums are easy to grow and add a lovely pop of colour wherever they are grown. Also great for companion planting.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts