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April is a fantastic month for sowing seeds; a lot of varieties can be sown directly outside and some started under cloches or cold frames until the last frost.

Here are our top recommendations for planting in the month of April…

Veg to plant in April…


Sow Cauliflower seeds directly outside during this month.

Second Early Potatoes

Chitted second early potatoes can be planted outside now.


Plant leeks this month in shallow drills directly outside.


Strawberry runners can be planted now directly into the ground or in a pot, or hanging basket.

Flowers to plant in April…


Sow scabious now indoors under cover. This wonderful plant will attract bees and butterflies.


Calendula seeds will make a fantastic display in spring and summer – sow seeds directly outside now.

Bunny Tails

Bunny tail grass can be sown in pots or seed trays earlier this month, or planted directly outside where they want to be grown from the end of April onwards.


Plant Conifers now to allow them time to establish.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts