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Tips for watering your garden

Watering the garden can seem a relatively simple task, but it can however be a little bit more complicated than once thought; there are varying factors that need to be considered to ensure your plants get the watering they require, and we’re here to give you a few tips on how you can do so.

When and how often should I water?

Plants begin to use water in the morning so this is when its best to give your plants a good drink. Watering in the evenings is also fine, as the weather is cooler there’s less water lost due to evaporation; if you were to water your plants in the height of sunshine during the day, a lot of the water would be lost due to evaporation.

How often you water your plants depends on the type and size of the plant itself, for example: a large plant with more leaves in a pot will need watering more frequently than one planted in the ground or in a border. Other factors such as soil type etc matter too, which we have gone into below.

Where should I water?

When watering your garden, especially pots and containers, be sure to get the water in at base level, watering the soil not the leaves (focusing on the leaves can promote disease). This more targeted approach will help your plant develop good, strong roots and by keeping the surrounding ground dry, the soil will become less hospitable to weeds. Make sure you water evenly around the plant to encourage a balanced root system.

Your variables to consider:

1. Soil Type:

Soil types have different water retention levels, and based on this have different watering requirements.

For example –

Sandy Soil – Holds less water than clay and will dry out faster – water more often.
Clay Soil – Holds moisture longer (meaning danger of over-watering) – water less often.

2. Weather: This is common sense – water more during hot, dry spells and less during wet ones. On hot days, water pot plants and bedding plants twice a day – early morning before it gets too hot, and after sunset.

3. Plants: Watering will vary depending on the type and size of the plants. For example, larger plants and newly planted plants need regular water. Vegetables, bedding plants and many perennials need frequent watering, some daily because they have shallow root systems.

4. Types of water: Rain water is the best choice for watering and your plants will certainly appreciate it, it is freely available if you are able to catch and store it (this can be done with a water butt). Tap water contains a lot more minerals which plants do not need.

Products that make life easier

We stock a wide range of products by Gardena to help keep your garden beautifully irrigated.From water lances, sprayers, spray guns and nozzles, right through to hoses, sprinklers, water controls and micro drip systems. Take a closer look at some of the range:

Want some help working out how much to water your garden? Talk to one of our experts; tell us what soil you have, what plants you have and what direction your garden faces and we can advise. It’s always good to see pictures too, so either send them to us by email, or call in for a chat!

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