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Shade Loving Plants For Autumn

This is the time of year where day and sunlight gets lesser and lesser, which means our garden can suffer because of it. Luckily, there are a wonderful variety of autumnal plants that thrive in shaded areas.

Here are our top recommendations for shade loving plants for Autumn…


Though their exterior may look fragile and pretty, Anemones are surprisingly tough and are fantastic plants for shady areas in the garden.


These wonderful and vibrant trees can handle a bit of shade and partial sun, so are suitable for areas with dappled shade.


In their natural habitat, Ferns are found in shaded areas which makes them a brilliant plant for darker areas of the garden, whilst still providing wonderful colour and texture.


 Checkerberry is a great autumnal plant that will handle dappled shade and provide colour and texture.


A well loved and popular autumn/ winter flower known as the Christmas Rose, will do well in dappled shade.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are wonderful for providing texture and a unique touch to a garden; and luckily many varieties do well in dappled shaded areas.


Heucheras are a wonderful plant loved for their striking foliage and range of colours – which are particularly lovely in Autumn. Most Heucheras will thrive in shaded areas.


Astilbe does not grow well in dry soil, and much prefer an area in dappled or partial shade where the soil retains its moisture.

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