Your own home grown potatoes from June to October!

Our first and second early seed potatoes and main crop potatoes are now in stock and can be planted out from February to May. You can expect your first harvest early summer for first earlies (June/July) and July-September for second earlies. Main crop potatoes are harvested in September/October.

Earlies are small potatoes and are absolutely delicious! We love to parboil them and then saute in butter.

How to plant seed potatoes

Plant out at a depth of 10cm with at least 30cm between each potato.

Leave a minimum of 60 to 70cm between each row to give the potato plants enough room to grow.

Approx. 9 to 12 weeks after planting, your crop should flower – this means the first tubers are present.

Leave for 2 to 3 weeks after flowering for the skin to harden (this helps with storage) and then harvest.

The ultimate potato guide.

Don’t know your bakers from your roasters? Need non-waxy to mash? Be sure to plant the right spud for your plate!

First Earlies


Good for

Arran Pilot
Best for boiling and chipping
A chef's dream - chip, bake, boil, mash or roast
Perfect for baking and chipping as well as making an excellent new potato
Duke of York
A good all rounder - new, boil, steam, mash, chip, bake or roast
Bake them, boil them or add them to a salad!
Maris Bard
Good for boiling and chips
Good for salads and boiling
Pentland Javelin
Good for salads and make delicious jacket potatoes
Good for boiling and chips
Red Duke of York
A good all rounder - new, boil, steam, mash, chip, bake or roast
Great for boiling and adding to salads
Sharpes Express
Excellent for baking, roasting and making chips

Second Earlies


Good for

Make great potato wedges and are good for boiling.
Best for baking
Best for baking, boiling and mashing
Maris Peer
Go well in salads, make good potato wedges, chips and jacket potatoes and are good for boiling.
Good for boiling and roasting and are great in salads
Purple Eyed Seedling
An all rounder
Good all rounder and great for potato salads
Best for chips, masking, roasting, boiling and jacket potatoes

Main Crop


Good for

Make great jacket potatoes, chips and are good for boiling.
Good for everything: potato wedges, jacket potatoes, chips, boiling, roasting, gratins
Inca Bella
The ultimate roasting potato
International Kidney
A lovely salad variety
Great for chipping
Great for roasting
Ideal for salads, gratins, roasting and boiling.
Kerrs Pink
Good for mashing or roasting.
King Edward
Make delicious chips and jacket potatoes and great for roasting and mashing.
Maris Piper
Make great jacket potatoes, potato wedges and chips and are good for boiling, roasting, mashing
A brilliant chipper!
Suitable for all types of cooking but particularly mashing, chipping, baking or roasting
Pentland Dell
Make great jacket potatoes and chips
Pink Fir Apple
Wonderful nutty, earthy flavour and are great boiled, steamed or in salads
Makes the most superb roast potatoes and baked jackets that are light and fluffy inside!
Perfect for roasting, baking and chipping
Great for chips