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Its not just you that enjoys a sunbathe, there are loads of wonderful and showy plants that love a good bask in the sunshine.

Different plants deal with the sun in different ways, so choosing the best varieties can be a difficult task.

If you have a particular sunny patch in your garden you want to fill with plants without the worry of them suffering, here are our recommendations…

Best Flowers For Sunny Spots


Otherwise known as coneflowers, Echinacea’s are a beautiful perennial that will thrive best in full sun and tolerate most soils.


This colourful summer flowering beauty is best planted in a sunny position, they are easy-to-grow and reliable.


This wonderful long-lived plant does best in a sunny spot. They do particularly well in pots and containers.


These gorgeous, flat topped plants thrive in hot and dry conditions, and add a pop of colour to sunny borders.


Better known as sea holly, Eryngium is a beautiful thistle plant that thrives in a sunny spot and can tolerate many different soil types.


Otherwise known as Russian Sage, this fantastic plant absolutely loves full-sun and is resilient to drought.

Best Shrubs For Sunny Spots


Buddleja is also known as ‘Butterfly Bush’ and should be planted in a position with full sun.


Lavender is a really fantastic, and easy-to-grow shrub for growing in sunny positions, they love full sun and are drought tolerant.


This shrub is a wonderful plant which produces showy, colourful blooms; best planted or placed in a full -sun position.


Weigela is a beautiful flowering shrub that blooms early in the year. It requires a position in full sun to thrive.

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