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Summer Planting Tips

Summer is in full swing now and you should be reaping the benefits of you hard work in Spring!

Maintenance and upkeep are now what you must be keeping on top of; here are some handy tips to keep your garden at its best this Summer.

Keep pots cool

Stand your pots – terracotta pots in particular – in saucers of sand, ensure that the sand is moist, as this will keep the roots cool and the plant healthy.

Add nutrients to water

This helps to correct deficiencies that may occur. Use soluble fertiliser with added seaweed to add vital nutrients.

Watch out for pests

Pests such as slugs and snails are an ever present problem, which can reek havoc in your garden. We have a range of products that can combat these garden pests and reduce damage to your garden.

When to water

You should only water your plants early in the morning and in the evening once the sun isn’t at its peak. The harsh sun can scorch wet leaves, causing damage – so do not be tempted to water in the midday heat.

Caring for plants whilst you’re away

These are just a few ways to keep your garden in tip-top shape whilst you are away. Follow these correctly and you will come back to a perfectly healthy garden.

1. Preparation

  • Prior to going away remove the dead and decaying leaves and water thoroughly.
  • Apply mulch thoroughly to keep the soil moist for longer, this will help your plants retain moisture.
  • Weeds compete for water so a few days before your jet off, give borders and vegetable plots a good weeding.

2. Watering

You can use a drip irrigation system; this can be CUST your garden by running pipes with small holes through the plants and setting the timer to water. Make sure to adjust the water flow depending on the plant as over-watering can be dangerous.

3. Utilise the shade

Where possible, move potted plants to shaded areas, which will help protect them whilst you’re away.

4. Nutrients

The use of slow-release fertilisers ensure that your plants remain well fed whilst you are away. Miracle-Gro all-purpose continuous release plant food ensure that plants receive all the required nutrients to stay healthy.

5. The lawn

Raise the blades on your mower – longer grass copes better with dry conditions. If your lawn does scorch in your absence it will quickly recover when the heavens open or with a good watering.

4. Pots & hanging baskets

Group all of your pots together in a shady position. Where possible, place them in saucers; saucers will collect rain water and provide added hydration.

Top Summer Plants

Here’s to some of our top Summer plants.


An individual plant for the summer border or in the patio containers, often flowering until the first frosts.


Salvias (also known as sages) flower for a long time and they provide a variety of bloom shapes, colour and fragrance.


Requires full sun with well drained soil. Adding grit will help with this.


Loved for its wonderful fragrance and vibrant foliage, Lavender is fantastic for pots, containers and borders. Loved by pollinators.


Veronicas are wonderfully colourful plant that have are long-lived and hardy.


Fantastic Summer plants with showy, large, white blooms that flower for a long period if maintained.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts