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Garden Frost Protection

Protecting your garden from frost is a good idea in the harsher times of year; whilst a frosty morning can be really beautiful, frost can cause gardens some real issues for the seasons ahead.

Here are our recommendations for frost protection in your garden…

Potted Plants

Bring your tender potted plants inside before the frost – greenhouses and conservatories are best.

Lift Tender Perennials

It is a good idea to lift tender perennials before the harsh weather, and store them in a cool and frost-free environment.

Protecting Plants

Use a hard frame or cover with cloches to protect more tender plants.


Add a layer of mulch on top of the beds in your garden, this will help protect the soil from frost – straw is a brilliant mulch material as it is breathable.

Fleece Up

Protect your plants by covering them in fleece in the evenings – this will protect them from frost and snow.


It is a good idea to water your plants in the morning once the temperatures have dropped – this reduces the risk of water freezing over if watered in the evening.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts