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December in the garden

If you’ve kept on top of your monthly jobs, there shouldn’t be a long list of things to do in your garden during December, but you can still keep busy.

Here’s a summary, but scroll down if you want more information on any of these jobs!

In the Vegetable Plot

  • Harvest remaining vegetables
  • Cover soil

In the Flower Bed

  • Winter tidy wisteria
  • Don’t deadhead Hydrangeas!
  • Dig over and mulch beds

Around the Garden

  • Check winter protection
  • Greenhouse heating
  • Lag garden taps
  • Check climbing plants

In the vegetable plot

Harvest remaining veg

Harvest any remaining leeks, winter cabbage, sprouts and root crops.

Cover soil

If your soil is clay heavy, cover it with polythene to keep it drier as this will help to allow winter digging.

Contact us for ground cover

In the flower beds

Winter tidy Wisteria

Give your Wisteria a winter tidy by pruning back summer side shoots to 2-3 buds from the main stem.

Don’t deadhead Hydrangeas

Hold off dead heading Hydrangeas until spring the faded flower heads will help to protect the new buds beneath them from frost.

Dig over and mulch beds

Dig over empty beds and mulch with manure, then let the worms work their magic and the frost break up clumps of soil.

Ask for pruning advice

Around the garden

Check winter protection

Check your winter protection is still in place around the garden.

Greenhouse heating

Make sure your greenhouse heater is working if you have one.

Lag garden taps

Lag garden taps to prevent them freezing.

Check climbing plants

Ensure climbing plants are securely tethered to their supports to avoid damage in winter winds.

Ask us for advice

For the wildlife…

Food and water

Keep providing fresh food and water for birds – high protein and fat feed is best this time of year. Ensure your bird baths don’t freeze over by floating a lightweight ball on the surface.

Compost heaps

Compost heaps are very attractive to hibernating mammals and other sheltering, its best to wait until the following spring.

Bare root shrubs

Its a great time to plant bare root shrubs that have interest to wildlife and are native to the UK; we recommend hawthorn, rowan, holly and dogwood.

Leaf/ log pile & bug hotel

Create a leaf/ log pile and/ or bug hotel out of old sticks, twigs, fallen leaves, bricks, pallets, garden pots and old debris from the garden. This will encourage wildlife into you garden and create a sheltered habitat.

Ask us for advice

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