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July in the garden

It’s now time to enjoy the sunny weather and relish just spending time relaxing in your garden. Keep on top of these easy jobs to keep your garden looking tip top through the heat.

Here’s a summary, but scroll down if you want more information on any of these jobs!

In the Vegetable Plot

  • Feed vegetables
  • Plant second cropping potatoes
  • Pick out growth tips on courgette and squash
  • Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes

In the Flower Bed

  • Feed plants
  • Continue deadheading

Around the Garden

  • Give your lawn a feed
  • Water regularly
  • Keep on top of pests
  • Prune wisteria

In the vegetable plot…

Feed vegetables

Feeding your vegetables with a liquid feed can prevent bitterness in your crops.

Plant second cropping potatoes

It’s a good idea to plant these in containers or sacks which can be brought under cover when the first frosts hit.

Pick out growth tips

Pick out the new growth tips on courgette and squash to encourage them to branch out.

Pinch out side shoots

Pinch out the side shoots on tomatoes regularly and remove any leaves below the lowest truss which has ripening fruit on it. This will help to prevent disease and improve air circulation.

Visit us for second cropping potatoes

In the flower beds…

Feed plants

Plants such as roses can really benefit from a summer feed as it can encourage a second flush in Autumn.

Continue to deadhead

Bedding plants, roses and other perennials will benefit from regular deadheading. Picking off the fading flowers will prolong the flowering period and keep things tidy, making your garden look more attractive. You can also get a second bloom from faded annuals by cutting them back and then fertilising them.

Ask about plant feed

Around the garden…

Water regularly

The main reason that plants don’t thrive at this time of year is because they haven’t been watered properly. Pots and Planters are the most susceptible to drying out and need watering once a day. If you are struggling to keep on top of them, move them into a shady spot where they should dry out slower. Try to water at dusk, when drops of water on leaves won’t scorch the leaves and where possible, use grey water. Sources of greywater include, sinks, showers, baths, washing machines and dishwashers.

Give your lawn a summer feed

Give you lawn a feed if you didn’t do so in Spring, to encourage healthy green growth.

Keep on top of pests

The summer is prime for garden pests – keep an eye on your plants and make sure they aren’t being eaten. A common pest at this time of year is black fly who suck on the sap of plants and eventually kill them.

Prune Wisteria

Prune now to keep the size under control and improve the quality of flowering. Remove straggly side-shoots from the main branch framework by cutting back to about five leaves from the main stem.

Ask about lawn feed

For the wildlife…

Bird feeders & baths

Keep bird feeders and baths regularly topped up and cleaned – high protein foods are best.

Pond plants

Grow low growing plants at the sides of ponds to aid baby frogs, they will use these plants are shelter and hiding spots.


Try to avoid trimming hedges until fledglings have left their nests.


Hoglets are born this month, do your best to leave their nests in peace and leave a source of fresh water and food.

Grass snakes

This month is grass snake breeding season – if you find small white eggs in the ground leave them be.

Visit us for bird feeders & baths

What To Plant This Month