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For wildlife, Autumn is a time for slowing down and preparation for Winter. It is also a time of hibernation and finding shelter; there are plenty of tasks we can be doing around the garden to help our local wildlife.

Though we recommend an Autumn tidy up in the garden, its best not to go too mad with the pruners as our gardens can provide a fantastic place of shelter in the Autumn for our wildlife.

Here are our recommendations for this season.

What you can do to help…

Clean out nest boxes and feeders

Clean out your nest boxes and feeders; even though nesting season is over, birds do not hibernate and will look for places of shelter. Plus, gives them a chance to suss out any cosy nesting places for spring time.

Clean out your feeders and bird baths (although its better to do this on a regular basis) to stop the risk of spreading disease.

Make a log pile

Use old logs or bunches of twigs in sheltered areas to create a safe space for smaller mammals.

Maintaining habitats

Although its a good idea to have a tidy up in the garden for spring, try not to go too wild with the shears as you could be removing entire habitats that are crucial for wildlife over the colder months.

Make a leaf pile

Animals such as Hedgehogs search for shelter before hibernating in late Winter, and creating a leaf pile in a sheltered spot is the perfect hiding place.

Garden pots

If you have spare garden pots laying around – they create a fantastic safe and sheltered spot for insects in the Autumn time.


Its a great idea to tidy up your pond in Autumn – remove old leaves and tidy up the plants. Its a good idea to float a light ball on the top of the water, this will allow frogs to get in and out, and gasses to escape.

If you’d like to find out more or have questions then please do come and talk to our experts