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RSPB Bird Watch and what to feed your birds

As The RSPB Big Bird Watch approaches, we’ve created a handy little template to tell you what foods are favoured by certain birds. In general, birds aren’t super picky, especially when natural supplies are low but providing certain foods can certainly boost your chances of seeing certain species!

A little feed advice for our feathery friends –

  • In the wintertime birds will favour foods containing high energy protein so if you are looking for a good allrounder that is equally beneficial for the bird watch, then we recommend putting out some form of suet.
  • Suet balls should be ideally placed into a suet feeder as believe me – squirrels will steal whole balls off a table and eat it in the middle of the garden if you let them!
  • Nyjer seeds are very small, so they require special feeders.
  • Be careful with putting out whole peanuts for birds that are nesting or during the breeding season as adult birds can accidently choke their young whilst attempting to feed them whole nuts. Break up the peanuts before you put them out to avoid the risk.
  • Soak mealworm in warm water 15 minutes prior to placing outside to provide a softer – juicer meal.
  • Sunflower heart can spoil very quickly when left out to weather so only put out what you think the birds will eat within a few days. If after a few days, there is still leftover feed – clear the table and refresh to avoid disease.

Want to find out more or have questions about bird care then please do come and talk to our experts