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Artisan Breads from the Good Loaf Company

By December 1, 2019July 2nd, 2021No Comments

Farm Shop Supplier Spotlight

Master Bakers Mike and Paul, produce a range of award winning, hand-crafted artisan loaves using the best local ingredients in their Northamptonshire bakery kitchen.

As a social enterprise, The Good Loaf offers work placements to vulnerable women to allow opportunities to gain practical skills and experience in a real work environment.

Good bread takes time to make and they only use natural ingredients without the use of processing aids or artificial preservatives or additives.

Our Farm Shop is proud to bring you the following selection of Good Loaf breads, available daily.


The sourdough is made from just flour, salt and water. Taking 48 hours to produce, this is no quick process. From feeding the starter culture to a 24 hour cold prove to give the distinctive sour taste and heavy crust.
Great toasted with poached eggs, a bowl of soup or for dipping in oil. It also makes great croutons, breadcrumbs and stuffing.

Fruit Sourdough

Made in the same way as the standard sourdough over 48 hours but with the addition of mixed dried fruit, raisins, sultanas and currents. No added sugar as the sweetness comes from the fruit. Delicious toasted and smothered in butter.

White Seeded

The same dough as our white cut with the addition of a blend of 5 seeds – brown linseed, golden linseed, sunflower seeds pumpkin and sesame seed. Top it with cream cheese mixed with lemon juice, smoked salmon and a smattering of chives and black pepper.


It takes 24 hours to make the wholemeal bread using Heygates quality flour with the addition of a cracked wheat topping. No improvers or additives just flour, yeast, salt, water and lots of time and care. Delicious toasted and smothered with our Mackerel pate.


Made in the traditional way leaving the 24 hour dough to slowly prove whilst knocking back and folding to create a bread with a chewy crust and distinctive ciabatta open texture. The only difference is that Northamptonshire Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is used instead of olive oil. Crush some of our smoked garlic into a good dollop of butter, add a bit of parsley and lemon juice, apply thickly to the sliced ciabatta and warm in the oven… heaven.


Italian inspired flat bread which is knocked back prior to baking and covered with local rapeseed oil to give that distinctive focaccia oil puddles and flavoured with green and black olives and herbs or roast peppers and herbs. Dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or with a side of beef tomatoes, torn basil and mozzarella.