8 Reasons To Visit Bell Plantation
Garden Centre
1. Amazing Plants
Over 4000 varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
2. Experts Onsite
We employ enthusiastic gardeners and plant specialists who love to advise you.
3. Loyalty Card
You can join our Loyalty Card. Holders can enjoy a seasonal guide to gardening plus 5% back.
4. Famous cafe
On production of voucher, you can enjoy FREE tea or coffee in our Cafe
5. Poultry Centre
For those who are interested in poultry, we consider our Poultry Centre to be the UK’s best.
6. Food Hall
You can enjoy our unusual ‘scrummy ‘fresh local products at the Food Hall.
7. Family Run
We are a family run business. You will see us around the Centre and are ready to care for your every need.
8. Free Parking
You can park easily and securely in our huge car park and don’t forget to use our shop to car assistance with your purchases.
Does your garden still service your needs?

Maybe your children have grown up and now you want something more contemporary and stylish, and less playful.

Or perhaps this is the year that you really want to provide your family with delicious home grown organic produce and want to plan your plot.

Whatever your current thinking is, be it introducing a new component or re-designing the whole garden, we can help you achieve your goal.

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What Our Customers Think Of Us
A our first visit to the Bell Plantation Garden Centre. Ideal place to stop for food and refreshments as it is located on a major road. Staff were very friendly and polite. Food was very good and well prepared. The beetroot spinach quiche was full of flavour. We sat outside but our bench didn't have a parasol and it got very hot and difficult to see as the white table reflected the sun light.read more
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Barry Goodall
18:03 09 Jul 17
I love this place - I meet my girlfriends here every Wednesday for lunch because the food is so delicious and the staff so friendly (can get busy sometimes but this is well managed in our experience). Thoroughly recommend it to all!
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Sharron Mahony
12:02 02 Aug 17
Well laid out with everything you would expect from a garden centre. Excellent breakfast offering
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Carl Ontong
10:12 19 Aug 17
Good food. Pleasant seating. Value for money.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Isobel Gilbert
17:34 21 Aug 17
Had a meeting here nice place a little vintage cafe. Wifi was broken but very nice latte and not too expensive
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Jules White
18:20 21 Aug 17
Very pleasant. Fantastic food, very friendly staff, lots to see and experience including the chicken!
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Dorothy Owen
18:13 24 Aug 17
Really enjoyed our visit. Lovely shopping experience especially the Frock and Shoe shop.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Christine Abbott
15:27 13 Sep 17
If you have not yet visited you are missing out! This is a fantastic place to go and explore. The garden centre has a great range of plants fro sure but this place offers much more. A poultry centre where you can view all types of poultry up close and buy some for your own supply of eggs! The cafe is tastefully created using old reclaimed brick and offers a great range of food and drinks. Then there are the other shops on site ranging from a wedding shop to a reptile centre where you often see snakes out in the open!read more
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Clive Hawes
14:20 14 Sep 17
Visited for lunch yesterday. Café excellent. However, I was then overcharged for an item in The Shoe cabin's supposed sale. The cashier actually wrote a higher price on the tag, explaining that the existing price of £31.00 was 'a mistake'...She then wrote £44.00 on the tag before applying the sale discount!! I don't believe that this is legal? My friend and I were stunned with disbelief!read more
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Hillie Vernon
10:23 15 Sep 17
Great restaurant. Excellent food and friendly service
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Mike Smith
09:51 11 Oct 17
Food gem in garden centre delivers a relaxing environment, good choice of snacks from full breakfast to lunchtime specials at sensible prices.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Graham Robinson
13:16 31 Oct 17
Great café, helpful for people with allergies, could do with better coffee though. Great place to wander for ages and lots of beautiful things to buy... Including chickens! 🐓
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Yolomango yup
08:58 05 Nov 17
It’s a very good place to get your Christmas trees from!!! I get mine form there every year and it makes Christmas that little bit more special for me and my family!!! Thanks bell plantation!!🎄
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Mplus Morrison
10:58 17 Dec 17
Nice place to stop for lunch especially in the summer as there is outdoor seating (although limited), sells anything garden related from compost to quails
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
George Belsham
13:20 01 Feb 18
Great cafe. Staff very friendly and helpful. The menu is traditional fare well turned out.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Mark Goodall
14:52 30 Mar 18
Nice little garden centre, nice cafe/restaurant, some shops selling shoes dresses bric~ a ~brag, etc.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
alan taylor
16:44 12 May 18
loved the frock & shoe shop. Very different than the high street shops
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Robert Brogden
11:41 09 Jun 18
Helpful polite friendly staff, quality plants, great cafe, what more could you need.
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Dave Lindsell
16:45 31 Jul 18
Great staff, great food - fantastic value! We will be back again 🙂
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Jamie Irwin
13:32 29 Aug 18
Staff very friendly have been there many times to purchase poultry very happy
114307615494839964028 Homepage-New Year 2018
Patrick Devine
18:24 08 Dec 18
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