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Aphids are sap-sucking insects that effect a range of different plants, making them a real problem for gardeners. An infestation of aphids can cause issues for young growth on plants, which ultimately effects their overall growth.

Aphids are a tasty meal to some birds who feed them to their young. Lady birds, ground beetles, hoverflies and earwigs all love aphids too.

Aphids can become a real pain when they come in an infestation; you can combat this by using your thumb and finger to squash them, targeting them with a powerful hose, or using soapy water which suffocates them.

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Slugs & Snails

Slugs are a gardeners nemesis, destroying all kinds of plants, vegetables and seedlings. They remain active throughout the year but are a particular problem in Summer, feeding in or on the soil surface mostly at night and increasing their activity in wet weather.

There are a few methods you use to try and deter them –

  • Use organic slug pellets
  • Put out bran; slugs love bran and will scoff it which makes them bloat
  • Plant slug resistant plants such as Lavender
  • Try using a beer trap
  • Copper tape or borders can be effective
  • You can create sharp barriers which deter slugs, such as egg shells

If you keep a pond, encourage frogs and toads who will make a meal of slugs. Hedgehogs, slow-worms, ground beetles and some birds enjoy a good slug too, so encourage them into your garden.

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Defenders slugs away barrier gel.

Protects garden plants from slug damage as a 30m barrier, for use on soil and hard surfaces. Rain proof formula. Organic, non-toxic and pesticide-free


Ants are more of a nuisance rather than a pest that causes damage. The most common species that invades houses is the Black Garden Ant. Foraging worker ants invade our homes in search of sweet foodstuffs, which they then take back to their nest to feed the larvae and queen.

Find the nest entrance by searching or watching the ants as their trail their path. Pouring several kettles of boiling water over the nest site will buy you some time before implementing a more effective method. It is also thought that coffee grounds deter ants, so sprinkling these around the areas where they are found may be effective.

Ants also help aphids in their destruction, by partnering up and grouping them in one place and protecting them from predators, and feeding on the sweet honeydew (otherwise known as ‘milking’).

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Protect Garden Provanto Boltac Greasebands.

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Vitax Tree Bands Pest Trap.

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If you are the same age as us, or just a Jasper Carrott fan, you’ll known “there’s only one way to get rid of a mole…” For those of us who don’t want to sit in a swivel chair all night “armed and dangerous” a la Jasper, there are more humane ways of dealing with this infuriating garden pest.

Moles rely on scent sensor on the tip of their nose to find prey and other moles, so you could try putting something down the tunnel that smells bad and is ideally biodegradable.

Moles do not like loud noises, so gadgets like sonic rappelers that create a vibrating sound could work.

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Big Cheese Mega-Sonic Mole Repeller.

Deters moles without harm, using a sonic pulse emitted every 30 seconds. Weather tested. Safe for wildlife & pets. 100msq coverage.

Natural Action mole scatter granules. 

Treats mole hills and tunnels without harm. Shaker cap. 45msq treatment area.

Our Top Tips….

Why not try Companion Planting …

As recommended by Jo, Companion Planting is a great way to prevent pests spoiling your plants! Here’s a few of our favourite combinations to help you make the most out of your garden!

• Grow French marigolds among tomatoes.
Marigolds emit a strong odour that will repel greenfly and blackfly.

• Grow sage with carrots or plants in the cabbage family to ward off pests. Both have strong scents that drive away each other’s pests.

• Plant nasturtium with cabbages – they’re a magnet for caterpillars that will then leave the cabbages alone.

• Garlic planted among roses will ward off aphids.

• Plant carrots and leeks together on the allotment or vegetable patch to protect against a number of pests. Leeks repel carrot fly and carrots repel onion fly and leek moth.

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