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Our experts top 5 tips to decorate your tree

As the festive season begins we often get asked about how we create our displays and decorate our trees. So this year we have asked our team for their top tips to help you make your Christmas tree magical at home.

Tips 1 & 2: Fluffing your Tree & Adding a tree skirt

Tip 3: Choosing your lights

1. Fluffing your Tree.

Once you have chosen your location if you have an artificial tree then make sure you spend time fluffing out all the branches to make it look as full and natural as possible. Begin by separating each branch out and don’t hesitate to bend individual branches to fill in gaps. It’s all in the preparation as a properly shaped tree can be appealing on it’s own and will only enhance your decorations.

2. Add your Tree Skirt and Topper before decorating

It’s easy to just start decorating your tree but consider adding a skirt before you decorate as well as your topper so you don’t ruin all your decorating at the end.

3. Which Christmas Lights?

These days there is a multitude of lights available to fit all budgets and styles. So which ones are right for you?

Cluster Lights – These lights are great for making a big impact due to the density of lights along the string. These are not only great for your tree but you can use them for other displays around your home.

Compact Lights – As the name suggests there are lots of lights on the string but only one side where the cluster lights are double-sided.

Micro LEDs – These are a more dainty light and the wire is much more malleable giving you the opportunity to really sculpt the lights. The wire is also very thin which means they blend in better.

LED Twinkle Lights – The lights on these are spread further apart than cluster or compact lights for those who don’t want too many lights on the tree.

Nets – These are great for decorating hedges or trees as the lights are all equally spaced out on a net and can be just laid over the object you want to light and as the net is thin it blends into its background easily.

Tip 4: Decorating your Tree – Adding Lights

4. Adding your lights

Start at the bottom of your tree and work your way up, ideally weave them around branches leaving approximately 6 inches between the loops. If you are looking for new lights why not consider copper wire lights as they are much less likely to break but give a much cleaner and brighter light. The other advantage of these is that they blend into the tree.

TOP TIP – Save any frustration and check they are working before you start!

Tip 5: Decorating your Tree – Adding decorations

5. Start decorating!

Choose a Theme – All those amazing trees you see in the shops have a distinctive theme. Choose colours that go well together and if in doubt keep it simple!

This year our favourite colour scheme is Eucalyptus, Emerald Green and Pine Green teamed up with Chocolate.
If this isn’t for you why not consider the traditional red, green and golds. Or for a more wintery colour scheme why not consider Silvers and blues. Or you could go minimal with white and wooden decorations.

Garlands – Adding beads, ribbons or foil garlands add a new layer of texture on the tree. Similar to your lights start at the top and work your way around the tree.

Baubles – As tempting as it is to start hanging them on the edge of the branches make sure you start from the inside of the tree and work outwards. You can use a cheaper more plain set of baubles on the inside and keep the more decorative ones for later that will be more visible.
Hanging larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree helps give it more depth. Spread baubles evenly over the tree and use a variety of shapes and sizes.
If you find a decorative bauble or item that you really like it is best to buy them in multiples to give your tree balance.

TOP TIP – keep to your theme but do keep some variety in your decorations