The Poultry Centre Coop


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The house section is raised to give a run area of the full footprint of the unit.

An ‘Onduline’ sheeted roof covers both house and run sections.

The external nest box fitted to the rear of the house has four compartments and a lift-up lid.

There are two slide-out floors/droppings trays, for easy clean-out, also accessed from the rear.

Entrance doors are provided both in the run front panel and house front panel.

There are two pop holes with ramps for bird access. The vertically sliding covers can be operated from outside usiing the drawstrings provided.

Roosting bars (#4) are supplied

Dimensions :

Overall – 76″ (193 cm) wide, 73″ (185 cm) Deep, 73″ (185 cm) High

House – 76″ (193 cm) Wide, 36″ (90 cm) Deep, 42″ (107 cm) High


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