Grosvenor Junior + Wheels


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Grosvenor Junior

The smallest house in the Grosvenor range but will still hold upto 6 birds.
Nest box has 2 compartments
Has all the features listed below

The house section is raised to allow poultry access to the area below. This area, now fitted with a slatted floor, gives a weather protected area for the birds and a dry feed point. This is achieved by the provision of a fixed rear panel and one removable side panel that can be fitted left or right. A second side panel is available as an option. The feed point is best utilised by fitting a galvanised feed hopper to the swivel rear panel that is a feature of this range.

Standard fitments:
Transport wheels
External nesting box with hinged lift-up lid for easy egg collection
Slide out floor / droppings tray.
Run end release. Allows birds to be let out to free range.
Virtically sliding pop hole cover held open with hook & eye
Roosting bars.
Full ventilation
Carry handles are fitted to the run end to aid portability.
The run is constructed with 25mm square 16-gauge heavy-duty mesh and has a removable top for access. The run top will slide away from the house to access the pop hole or add feed/water but will be locked on when in the closed position.

House; 89 x 81 x 94 high ( internal to apex ) cm.
( 34″ x 32″ x 37″ high int. )
Nest box adds 38cm. ( 15 ” ) to width
Run; 153 x 94 x 84 high cm.
( 60″ x 37″ x 33″ high )
Overall; 239 x 94 x 151 high max. cm.
( 94″ x 37″ x 60″ high max.
Height under house, 46 cm [ 18″ ]


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