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BioVX is broad spectrum and effective against bacteria, yeasts and all known classes of virus. Because of superior dilution rates it is highly cost-effective, works equally well in both hard and soft water and is unaffected by temperature fluctuation.

Key points

  • Effective against bacteria, moulds, yeasts and all viruses

  • Bio-degradable

  • Superior dilution rate giving increased economy

  • Effective against African Swine Fever, even under outbreak conditions

General properties

BioVX is a pink powder consisting of a stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds, surfactants, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system.

Instructions for use

Apply at the recommended dilution rate via a power-washer set at low pressure with a wide-angled jet, thoroughly wetting all surfaces but avoiding excess run off.

  • Defra General orders 1:100

  • Defra Foot and mouth disease Orders 1:1200

  • Defra Swine vesicular disease Orders 1:100

  • Defra Disease of Poultry Orders 1:200

Suitable for

Poultry, Pigs, Game birds, Cattle, Horses


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