Take a look at our fantastic range of value logs & coal

Everyone deserves to be warm and cosy over winter – there’s really nothing nicer than curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of wine when it’s cold outside! Our range of great value logs and coal means you can keep your fire stoked up, without breaking the bank.

Our supplier is the market leader in home fuels, so you can be safe in the knowledge that years of research and development have gone in to finding the best wood and coal.

Brazier Smokeless Coal 20kg – £9.99

Our smokeless coal lasts 40% longer than traditional coal, produces 80% less smoke and generates up to 30% more heat, making it a great choice if you want your fire running efficiently and your house smokeless.

Homefire Heat Logs – £4.99

These Homefire Heat logs provide high heat energy outputs and are made from 100% recycled wood. With no additives or chemicals, they make the perfect fuel for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment whilst heating their home with good quality, long lasting logs.

Homefire Supapak Kindling – £3.99

Supapack Kindling is an easy-to-light kindling which is suitable for all fire types. Give your fire a roaring start!

Homefire Premium Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs – £5.99

When it comes to wood fuel, Kiln Dried Logs are the finest that money can buy. Extremely dry, with a Ready to Burn-certified moisture content of less than 20%, Kiln Dried Logs burn hotter and for longer than any other type of log fuel.

Homefire Premium Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs (58l) – £14.99

Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs with a moisture level of less than 20%. These logs will burn at a high temperature, and with a long and natural flame. Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs are safe to burn alongside other varieties of solid fuel.

Coffee Logs – £6.99

Compact Fire logs made from recycled coffee grounds. Burning 20% hotter and longer than kiln-dried wood, Coffee Logs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the heavy carbon footprint created by coal.

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