I am sure we never had as much wind when I was a child as we do today. I find it makes life much less easy, tasks take more energy to complete, it also saps my patience when working outside! Its probably due to the climate change, man made or not man made, that is the question? Weather man made or not things are certainly changing. Certainly when its windy our customer numbers are affected.

The strong winds play havoc with plants that are not tied, pruned or secure in the ground. As its December you can safely prune roses back or tie them in and prune later. I have noticed recently the amount of large mature trees with Ivy growing up them. The Ivy actually increases the lack of wind resistance of the tree, making dead branches and weak trees more likely to be blown over. I have had a few sessions of cutting the Ivy off my trees at home. I think trees look better without the ivy (personal point of view), it must allow more moisture for the tree in the summer, and reduce stress on the tree.

Anyway our Wonderful Christmas trees are in at the Garden Centre, home made wreaths, holly and loads of wonderful houseplants and gifts.
This year we will also have a selection of our home produced food for sale, made in the Plantation Cafe.

Father Christmas will be waddling around this weekend between 12 noon and 4pm Saturday and Sunday. It has taken much persuasion to get him to call.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Ashley Warren

Ashley Warren has lived and loved horticulture and agriculture all his life; he had his first greenhouse at the age of 10 and his first cow when he was 16. He started landscaping in 1984 mainly in Milton Keynes and then all over the country. He moved to Daventry Road Farmhouse in 1987 and has developed Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester, Northants over the last 30 years.

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