Why Keep Poultry? The benefits of keeping chickens, ducks and other birds?

BENEFIT-3-1-300x300 Why Keep Poultry?

Fun for all the family

Keeping a small flock of hens in a corner of your garden couldn’t be easier. The whole family can get involved in feeding and watering them, keeping their houses and enclosures clean and fresh and, not forgetting collecting your freshly laid eggs!

Choose a more docile breed and your children will really be able to interact with their hens and learn about the responsibility of looking after animals. They could also benefit from their hard work and start to learn about business from an early age by selling any eggs you don’t consume yourselves to neighbours!

Your own trusted food source

Food traceability has never been more important; having the confidence of knowing exactly where your foods has come from and how it’s been produced. Not only are chickens great fun to keep and entertaining to watch, you get the added benefit of fresh eggs every day. There really is nothing quite like the taste of your own freshly laid eggs and you’ll never want a supermarket bought egg again once you’ve tried them!

BENEFIT-1-250px Why Keep Poultry?
BENEFIT-3-300x300 Why Keep Poultry?

Sustainable pest control

With the growing interest in natural pest control, many people are now keeping chickens to rid their property of unwanted insects and larvae. This leverages the birds’ natural instinct to seek out and eat bugs such as slugs, snails and other insects.

Top Quality Compost

Incorporating chicken litter in to your compost will give you one of the best garden fertilisers going – packed with more nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus than any other manure. However, don’t just put ‘raw’ chicken litter on to your beds as it can kill your plants. It must be composted first.

BENEFIT-3-250px Why Keep Poultry?

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