Vintage Sunday this Sunday. 550 New Chickens and the Weekly Gardening Tips

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Another lovely bank holiday!

High winds with plants in full leaf is a recipe for damage. There is not too much you can do other than tie everything up. Newly planted tall plants need canes or stakes and then tying firmly to that support. Make sure that that there is good connection between the plant and the support, loose connection between a windswept tree and a stake may result in chaffing ,de barking of the tree. There is not a lot you can do to protect the fragile new leaves on a plant other than cover the whole thing up, which in the case of a tree would be difficult. It is a little more practical to put a cloche over newly planted vegetable plants, well worth it if you have one. Covering newly seeded plants with a cloche or glass will speed their growth by creating a micro climate around the seed / plants. The air is warmed within the space to a higher temperature, the air warms quicker in the morning and cools later in the evening creating longer growing days, it also helps retain the heat from the soil at night. It will also keep in the moisture creating a moist humid climate around the plant.

BellPlantationMay2013-1 Vintage Sunday this Sunday. 550 New Chickens and the Weekly Gardening Tips

Roses could probably do with a fungicidal spray, I have just seen the first sign of black spot on one of my roses at home, if it got a little warmer the aphids would be attacking the soft new buds on the roses too.

This weather will really test our new Suttons grafted tomatoes which are supposed to grow outside better than the non grafted tomatoes, they also crop 70% heavier than the normal tomato. We have also have some much larger tomato plants with fruit already set on them also courgette, chilli sweet and hot, aubergine and courgette, buy some time!

If you are growing fuchsias pinch out the growing point in each plant to encourage more bushy growth, side shoots can be picked out later to create a symmetrical plant.

BellPlantationMay2013-2 Vintage Sunday this Sunday. 550 New Chickens and the Weekly Gardening Tips

The forecast for the weekend does look a little better than today, thankfully. We have got an all-day Most Marvellous Vintage Sunday this weekend.

We have got wheelbarrows full of wonderful plants here for your garden. 550 new chickens arrived this week. Keep your hens shut up at night, foxes are busy feeding their young at the moment so they are prepared to brave all risks to get an easy meal.

‘Oak before Ash in for a splash’, I hope this is the case

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, we are serving cream teas on the lawn!

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