Due to the great weather last weekend we have pushed the button to start our plant season. This Friday we take delivery of 3,500 herbaceous perennials. Alpines, climbers, roses and ornamental shrubs will follow next week.

Because it has been so mild I had to hurry up and prune my rambling white rose. I have attached a before and after. The first picture shows my beautiful rambling rose and Sheena my wife, no, no I must re phrase that! My beautiful wife and my lovely white rose prior to pruning. And the delight of Sheena at the rose having been pruned.

I have also added an ice crystal hanging from a cobweb during the last spell of cold weather.

I have had a couple of meetings this week with people wanting to run dog training lessons at the Garden Centre, let me know if you are interested. We will probably start this in March.

March can be warm or freezing, don’t get lulled into a false sense of security protect your plants.

We have got some early hardy broad beans and Sweet Peas in for early beans and flowers.

As usual loads going on, the place is starting to look great! (I would say that though wouldn’t I)



Ps The wood burner is still alight in the Cafe

Ashley Warren

Ashley Warren has lived and loved horticulture and agriculture all his life; he had his first greenhouse at the age of 10 and his first cow when he was 16. He started landscaping in 1984 mainly in Milton Keynes and then all over the country. He moved to Daventry Road Farmhouse in 1987 and has developed Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester, Northants over the last 30 years.

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