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Getting the right enclosure for your birds is essential. It provides shelter from the elements as well as protection from predators like Mr. Fox. Chickens also require a roosting bar to sleep on every night and ideally a nest box to lay their eggs in.

At the Poultry Centre we hand-pick the best poultry housing from suppliers across the country, so that you find an enclosure that will keep your birds warm and safe for years to come. Our wooden coop range is top quality, British made and has a 10-year life span. Alternatively, our plastic coops come from the brand leader, Omlet, and are durable, easy to clean and look great in your garden. We also sell good quality duck houses and quail enclosures.

Whatever you need, our team will talk you through all the options to get you the right house for your birds.

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Green Frog Chicken Houses
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Once you have chosen your coop, it’s time to choose bedding that will keep your birds comfy, warm and healthy.

When you’re choosing bedding for chickens, duck and other poultry it needs to be absorbent and mustn’t compact down. Absorbent bedding such as wood shavings, or a proprietary bedding, will help to prevent mites and other nasties from infecting your birds. Damp bedding is harmful to poultry because it encourages bacteria and releases ammonia which damages the bird’s respiratory system and causes eye problems. You should never use bark chippings or hay as they contain spores which can cause respiratory issues.

On average you will need to clean out your coop once a week. It’s important to keep the nooks and crevices of the coop clean and watch for signs of red mite or other pests.

When putting fresh bedding in, it is good practice to coat the corners of the coop, the perches (where they attach to the coop) and the bedding itself with mite powder.

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