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Everyone deserves to be warm and cosy over winter – there’s really nothing nicer than curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of wine when it’s cold outside! Our range of great value logs and coal means you can keep your fire stoked up, without breaking the bank.

Our supplier is the market leader in home fuels, so you can be safe in the knowledge that years of research and development have gone in to finding the best wood and coal.

traditional-house-coal-300x287 Winter Fuel

Traditional House Coal 20kg – £7.99

Traditional house coal is a very popular choice – it’s easy to light, burns with a great flame and has low ash content, keeping your fire cleaner.

BrazierImage-768x570 Winter Fuel

Brazier Smokeless Coal 20kg – £9.99

Our smokeless coal lasts 40% longer than traditional coal, produces 80% less smoke and generates up to 30% more heat, making it a great choice if you want your fire running efficiently and your house smokeless.

home-fire-wood-logs-267x300 Winter Fuel

Homefire Wood Logs 13kg – £3.99

These logs are a popular choice as they are great value. They produce a good heat and burn with a long pleasant flame.

Homefire-Kindling-240x300 Winter Fuel

Supapak Kindling 3kg – £3.49

Using kindling makes lighting your fire so much easier, so it is well worth the investment. You only need a few pieces to get a great roaring fire and they’re ultra dry and packed in a convenient sized bag.

KilnDried-240x300 Winter Fuel

Premium Kiln Dried Logs – £5.99

Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs with a moisture level of less than 20%. These logs will burn at a high temperature, and with a long and natural flame. Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs are safe to burn alongside other varieties of solid fuel.

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