Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs are one of the easiest and most rewarding garden plants to grow. They are great for adding colour to spring borders as some varieties come in a huge range of colours and bloom at a time of year when many gardens only have muted colours. Why not try planting in swathes of colour for a dramatic effect!

Below we’ve showcased just some of our favourite spring bulbs we have in store, along with the months they flower, so that you can plan your garden to give you colour and joy all through the spring/summer season.

Our loose bulbs will arrive in store from the end of August / beginning of September and then from January we have potted bulbs in stock.

Scroll down and you’ll also find some advice and information on the best way to plant your spring bulbs to ensure they give you the best display possible.

Happy Planting!

snowdrops-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers January to February

hyacinth-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers early to late February

Iris-1-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers February to March

crocus-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers late February to early March

Narcissi-300x200 Spring Bulbs

Narcissi and Daffodils

Flowers March to April

anemone-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers April to May

Tulips-300x199 Spring Bulbs


Flowers April to May

fritillaria-300x186 Spring Bulbs


Flowers April to May

alium-ball-leek-4209720_1920-300x200 Spring Bulbs


Flowers June to August

bluebells-flower-4144986_1920-300x200 Spring Bulbs


Flowers May onwards

camassia-leichtlinii-3375413_1920-300x200 Spring Bulbs


Flowers late April – June

Planting Advice

Bulb Fibre

Bulb Fibre helps to promote strong, healthy growth with a rich source of balanced nutrients. It is suitable for use with all bulbs, including flowers and edible crops.

Coarse Grit

If you are potting bulbs in containers, it is a good idea to add some coarse grit to the compost to ensure good drainage.

Bulb Planters

Make planting easy with a bulb planter (also great for potatoes!).

Bulb-Planter-1024x682 Spring Bulbs