Impress with one of our large, Premium Nordmann Fir trees!

Our range of speciality Premium Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are for those who require an eye-catching tree to make an impact in a taller space.

Our British-grown, Nordmann Firs are a very popular tree choice due their fantastic needle retention, even shape and bushy branches of soft, deep green foliage. Even in a warm environment, these trees hold on to their needles exceptionally well.

Ranging from 10ft to 18ft, our pre-order offer, available until 1st November, sees prices start at just £155.00 + Delivery.

Size Price
300-360cm (10-12ft) £155.00
360-420cm (12-14ft) £240.00
420-480cm (14-16ft) £360.00
480-540cm (16-18ft) £420.00

Please note, our trees come in the height ranges detailed above, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific tree height within the range you select. We will be making deliveries towards the end of November and will be able to advise on date(s) early in November.

tree-3010103_1920-Fir Speciality large Christmas Trees
fir-tree-3875734_1920 Speciality large Christmas Trees

To obtain a quote for delivery please complete the following information and we will call you back.