9 Benefits of eating Quail Eggs

Eating quail eggs has a variety of benefits for your health which include:

  • Improve Vision – As they are packed full of Vitamin A.
  • Balance Cholesterol – full of a variety of fatty acids such as HDL cholesterol.
  • Stimulate Growth – like regular chicken eggs, quail eggs provide protein to the diet.
  • Reduce Blood Pressue – Quail eggs are full of Potassium which has been linked to reducing blood pressure
  • Cleanse the body – Studies show having these eggs in your diet can help eliminate toxins from the blood stream.
  • Prevent Chronic Disease – Quail eggs possess significant levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, which can help to neutralize the free radicals and protect your overall health.
  • Soothe Allergies – As Quail eggs contain ovomucoid protein, which acts in the body as a natural anti-allergenic
  • Increase Metabolism – A range of Vitamin B found the eggs result in a boosted metabolic rate.
  • Raise energy Levels – the eggs are full long list of minerals and micronutrients perfect for an early morning surge of energy!

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    More details around these benefits can be found here

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