The Orchard in August

Those of you lucky enough to have an orchard will be busy harvesting this month
as an abundance of fruit rewards your labours.

It’s best to allow all fruits to ripen on the plant with the exception of Pears; these should be harvested just before they are ripe and allowed to ripen “at home”. Plums, apples, cherries, peaches and apricots will need picking as soon as they are ripe.

Pruning and Training
Growth will slow down during August, but do continue training and pruning fruit trees this month to allow sunlight through to ripen the fruit and encourage a good crop the next year. If there are large amounts of immature or secondary growth, delay pruning until mid-September.

Dealing with Birds and Wasps
The irresistible sugary taste of ripe berries and fruits in the late summer to early autumn can make wasps a menace who will vigorously defend their territory when disturbed by harvesting hands.

Wear protective clothing, making sure all skin is covered and that they can’t fly up a trouser leg! If you are allergic to wasp stings do not go near the nest; get it professionally removed.

Wasps are interested in the sugar rich juice that oozes from fallen fruit too. Clear away fallen fruit, removing any damaged fruit on the tree.

Birds can do a lot of damage to fruit trees; netting can help prevent them from reaching the fruits as they ripen.

We stock:
Gardman Rope Form Garden Netting, Mesh Size 15mm
This diamond mesh for flex and strength provides the
perfect protection against birds. Drape it over fruit.
2m width 99p per metre
4m width £1.49 per metre

Want to start growing your own fruit next year?

The best time to plant fruit trees is in September. From late August/early September we will have a superb selection of the following fruit trees ready to grace your garden and provide you with fruit in 2018 and beyond!

  • Cox’s Apple
  • Victoria Plum
  • Conference Pears

    Shape wise, choose from space saving Espalier, Fan-Trained and regular Orchard Trees.
    An Espalier Tree comprises a central stem and horizontal fruiting branches.
    Fan Trained is similar to Espalier; the difference is branches are trained into a flat fan shape, with two main branches growing outwards at 45 degree angles.

    Useful Tips

  • Apples and Pears are perfect for picking when they part easily from the tree.
  • The best way to remove fruit from a tree is with an upward twist of the fruit.
  • If Plums are soft to touch, they are ready to be picked.
  • Check cherries regularly for sweetness. They should be completely red and firm. Grasp the cherry stem below its connection to the branch. Lift the stem up, separating the cherries from the branch.
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