New Year New Garden

Does your garden still service your needs?


Maybe your children have grown up and now you want something more contemporary and stylish, and less playful.
Or perhaps this is the year that you really want to provide your family with delicious home grown organic produce and want to plan your plot.
Whatever your current thinking is, be it introducing a new component or re-designing the whole garden, we can help you achieve your goal.

Read on for hints, tips and examples for creating a Contemporary Garden, a Low Maintenance Garden, a Family Garden and a Vegetable Garden



Think minimalistic with clean geometric lines.

  • Choose a white and green colour scheme as your base
  • Planting wise, choose beautiful purple Alliums, Lavenders, Bamboo and Grasses. Herbs such as Rosemary and Bay Trees along with hedging such as Box and Tuscan Cypress add interest too. Japanese Maple, Agave, Succulents and Yukka add shape and colour.
  • Repeat the planting pattern at regular intervals. Look for domed and cubed shapes for smaller plants and get height from tall trees.
  • Use natural materials such as feature stones, gravels and wood.
  • Incorporate lighting, strategically sited to highlight favourite plants and adding atmosphere to the social areas of the garden.


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Think segmented areas; learning/play for kids and social for adults

  • Create a dedicated mixed play space for children; a lawned area for general play and perhaps a play-barked area for swings/slides and trampolines that otherwise would ruin a lawn.
  • If your children are very young, consider an area closer to the house for safe play on or with plastic toys/sand pits etc.
  • Its common sense, but do avoid water features and ponds. Gravel too – as this can be horrible for small knees and hands if fallen upon.
  • Talk to our experts when choosing plants to make sure that young explorers can be inquisitive and experiential without coming to harm.
  • Consider leaving an area of the garden to be “wild” and perhaps build insect houses/bird boxes within it. This will encourage children to learn about nature.
  • Create a paved or decked area for socialising with friends and family.

All images sourced from Pinterest


Think getting the right balance between aesthetics and effort

  • A beautiful garden that doesn’t require too much effort to maintain is achievable!
  • Create an oversized seating/socialising area and invest in some quality outdoor furniture.
  • Scale back your lawn so there is less to feed/weed/mow – however if you really don’t want to own a mower but like the idea of a green area, consider artificial grass.
  • Raised beds, perhaps contained in rendered brickwork planted with Shrubs, Topiary and Alliums would add interest.
  • Modern decorative planter pots are also a great idea.
  • Water features add a sense of serenity and are relatively low maintenance.

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Think easy access to fresh produce & improved nutrition & fitness

Gardening definitely keeps you fit, and with more and more people becoming concerned about the food they eat, it makes sense to “grow your own” for health and well-being.

  • A vegetable garden can be aesthetically pleasing as well as productive with a little planning. Dividing the plot into “rooms”, with each room home to a raised bed planted with a mixture of herbs, vegetables and fruit. Of course, your beds don’t have to be raised, but there are benefits to doing so. Raised beds will reduce backache and can extend the growing season (the soil warms up quicker in the spring). They are also a godsend if you happen to be unlucky enough to have clay soil.
  • And then of course you might like to throw out the idea of rectangle or square beds altogether. Circles and octagons look fabulous divided into “pie slices” and two semi-circles either side of a walkway add interest.
  • Trellis, cages and framed supports can be used to train vegetables upward if ground space is limited.
  • However you design your garden, remember to prep the soil before planting; work lots of compost and organic matter into the ground before you sow a single seed. Test the soil and add the proper organic fertiliser along with some topsoil (we sell both). Your plants will thrive.
  • You would also benefit from starting a compost bin. Talk to one of our experts about our range of seeds and high quality, high yield plants.

All images sourced from Pinterest


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