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We have a number of locally sourced suppliers for our plants, bedding and veg range that we stock. A few of these are mentioned below:

Rushmere Nurseries

Rushmere Nurseries is a small, family-run business that is located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. They provide us with various bedding plants, both in pot and pack forms. Deliveries from Rushmere Nurseries are both frequent and efficient due to the distance needed to travel being limited and the plants being locally sourced there is less travel to gain the plants prior to delivery. So, plants arrive in top quality conditions which we maintain to ensure plants you purchase are completely healthy.

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Quantil is one supplier we use for the various vegetable plants that we stock. They are based in Lancashire and own further land that is used mainly for growing vegetable plants that they offer to Garden Centres. Again, deliveries from Quantil are frequent as they deliver to our needs to plan the most efficient distribution methods, which allows us to offer these amazing plants to you much quicker! We stock a large range of strip pack veg available.

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Gedney Bulbs

Gedney bulbs has become a specialised seller for herbaceous plants, alpine plants and varieties of bulbs located in Spalding, Lincolnshire. These herbaceous plants come in 9cm pots and 2 litre pots, with the alpines coming in 9cm pots, 1 litre pots and 2 litre pots. With regards to bulbs they are available in 9cm, 1 litre and packs of 6. All plants purchased from Gedney are checked for quality prior to being delivered. This is to ensure that only the best quality plants are provided to us to offer to you!

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Nursery Fresh

Nursery Fresh is another of our suppliers that is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. They are one of our big suppliers who offer different sized herb pots, varieties of pot and pack bedding and various planted baskets. The baskets are all handmade to add that extra bit of value and quality. They are another family-run business. Due to their vast product range Nursery Fresh have many satellite nurseries situated around Lincolnshire, producing several hundred product lines. Their strong links with suppliers tied with their expertise in growing offers a wide selection of high quality plants.

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Frank P Matthews

Frank P Matthews is a family-run business who stock over 200 different varieties of fruit trees and 400 varieties of ornamental trees. They are a company based in Worcestershire supplying to a vast number of garden centres and nurseries as well as commercial growers. From Frank P Matthews we stock a range of ornamental and fruit trees as well as fan and espalier trees. Fan and espalier trees are particularly good for people with small gardens that grow against tall walls.

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Benefits of Locally Grown Plants

–          Freshly Delivered

–          Frequent Deliveries

–          High Quality

–          No Issues with Foreign Pests


If you have an queries then do not hesitate to get in touch with us where you can speak to one of our experts.



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