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Fresh Christmas Trees 

All our Christmas Trees are premium grade and grown in the Scottish hills. You can tell our trees are healthy by the sheen of their needles – a shiny, glossy green. We’ve worked with the same supplier for over 10 years.

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By far, our most popular tree is the Nordmann Fir. It has big, soft needles which will stay put for the season providing you take care of the tree properly. This makes it perfect for families with small children and/or pets as well as those of us who hate mess!

The Fraser Fir is also a great quality tree – generally narrower than the Nordman so great for fitting in to tight spaces. They also have a fantastic “Christmassy” scent, bringing some real festive aromas into your home. Like the Nordman, it will keep its needles for the season with proper care.

Noble Fir Christmas trees are known for their upturned, blue-green foliage and bushy, layered look. It’s stiff branches make it the ideal tree for heavier ornaments. The Noble will also keep it’s needles for the duration with proper care.

Whichever you choose, we believe it’s important that you see a trees width and shape prior to purchase, so all our trees are taken out of the netting and shown to you – we want you to be confident that the tree will fit your space and suit your decorations.

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Treat it like cut flowers – cut 2 cm or 3 cm from the stump straight across using a handsaw. It’s easier than you think, and helps the tree absorb water.

Place your tree in a stand that holds water and generously water the tree every day (don’t add anything to the water). Depending on how warm the room is it can drink up to two litres daily.

Do not unwrap the tree until you have it exactly where you want it in the room, secure in its stand – otherwise you risk damaging the tree or injuring yourself on the branches/foliage.

In a perfect world, it’s best to leave the branches to settle for 24 hours before decorating – but we realise that excited children will probably not allow that to happen!

Word of warning – Putting a tree close to a heat source will dry it out. Your tree will lose its sheen and branches will curl downward causing baubles to fall off.

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