Create a beautiful autumn/winter

hanging basket.

Now is the perfect time to be thinking ahead and planting up your baskets so they have time to get established before the cold weather really sets in.
Steve, our plant expert, takes us through the steps to create your basket, and a selection of plants that will provide interest and colour right through to spring.
Autumn-Baskets-1-png-1024x768 Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets
Autumn-Baskets-3-png-cropped Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

We have used at 16″ willow basket for our demonstration.

Start by filling your basket, to within about an inch of the top, with a good quality compost. We like Westland Multipurpose with added John Innes, but whatever you use, ensure it doesn’t include water retention crystals.

Autumn-Baskets-4-png Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

When choosing what to plant in your basket, think about height, structure, foliage, colour and fragrance.

Here Steve is starting with Thyme Silver Posie and Thyme Golden Queen which are evergreen and will trail over the edges of the basket, as well as giving off a gorgeous scent as you brush past! Both will produce flowers in the summer months too.

Autumn-Baskets-6-png Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

For the centre of the basket, Steve has selected a Hebe Variegata which will give some height to the basket as well as evergreen foliage.

Other basket shrubs that would also work well include Euonymous, Escallonia and Sarcococca Confusa (Sweet Box). Alternatively you could use a mini conifer, or grasses such as Festuca and Carex.

Autumn-Baskets-7-png Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

Here Steve has added an Ajuga Burgundy Glow and and Ajuga Black Scallop to give some foliage interest. Burgundy Glow has pink and green leaves and will produce blue flowers in late spring. Black Scallop has an almost black, glossy foliage and produce deep blue flowers in late spring.

Autumn-Baskets-12-png Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

Finally Steve fills the gaps with Viola which will produce beautiful colour throughout autumn and winter and into spring if regularly deadheaded.

Other winter flowering plants which work well include cyclamen, small heathers, pansies and polyanthus.

Autumn-Baskets-14-png Autumn/winter Hanging Baskets

The finished basket! As you can see we haven’t skimped on plants – ensure that you use enough to give a nice, full, effect.

Regularly feeding and deadheading your basket will ensure a great display throughout autumn and winter and even in to spring.

The plants we used in this demonstration cost in the region of £22.00 but the cost will vary according to the size of basket and plants you use. Speak to a member of our plant team who can help you to customise your basket according to your requirements and budget.

Below are some further images of the plants Steve has used in our basket, as well as some others you can include in your own baskets.