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We’ve been selling chickens for over 15 years, so we have considerable knowledge in keeping our birds fit and healthy, and helping our customers do the same.

We stock a wide variety of live birds all year round, from hybrid hens, perfect for the poultry beginner, to a wide variety of rare breed chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, fowl and quail for the absolute poultry enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or an expert we’d love to help you find the perfect bird(s) for you.

This page will give you an indication of birds that we normally have in stock, however, if you are making a special journey to us for a particularly breed, we recommend you call us first to avoid disappointment.

Hybrids and Pure Breeds


28 Day Guarantee on Hybrid Hens

Our Pure Breeds stock does constantly change, but we try to keep a varied selection available all year round. We are so confident in the quality of our stock, all of our Hybrid Hens come with a 28 day guarantee.

Amber-Star-3-150x150 Poultry Stock

Amber Star

  • Docile and good natured
  • Ideal back garden pet
  • Ideal to mix with Rangers
  • Good first time hen and suitable for children
  • One of best laying hens we sell – up to 330 eggs in first year
IMG_6008-150x150 Poultry Stock

Blue Hens

  • Copper Maran/Barred Plymouth Rock Hybrid Hen
  • Large, hardy bird with very attractive plumage
  • Friendly and docile
  • Suitable for domestic or free range
  • Good back garden breed
  • 290 rose tinged brown eggs in first year
Ranger-2-150x150 Poultry Stock


  • Quintessential backyard chicken
  • Docile, good natured.
  • Ideal back garden pet, can be mixed with Amber Stars
  • Good first time hen, ideal for families due to friendly nature
  • Up to 330 eggs in first year
Colombian-Blacktail-150x150 Poultry Stock

Colombian Blacktail

  • Rhode Island Red / Light Sussex Hybrid Hen
  • Chestnut coloured plumage with black tips to tails and black flashes in wings
  • Docile
  • Hardy and adapts well
  • Up to 300 brown eggs in first year
Cou-Cou-Hen-Web-150x150 Poultry Stock

Cou Cou

  • Classic French utility hybrid cross based on Cuckcoo Maran
  • Large bird, attractive speckled plumage, occasionally with feathered legs
  • Alert and intelligent
  • 260-280 medium honey coloured eggs a year (more likely darker eggs if feathered legs)
Rhode-Rock-Hen-Web-150x150 Poultry Stock

Rhode Rock

  • Rhode Island Red / Barred Plymouth Rock Hybrid
  • Lustrous black plumage, petrol coloured sheen. Gold on head and throat and sometimes through to tail
  • 300+ light brown eggs in first year
  • Good, docile temperament. Suitable for first time keepers
  • Hardy bird
Sussex-hen-150x150 Poultry Stock


  • Originated in Sussex, England
  • Pure breeds have more pronounced markings than hybrid version
  • Bred as dual purpose bird, prized as a table bird for more than 100 years
  • Excellent layers – 260 cream/light brown eggs a year. Often continue laying throughout the winter
IMG_6017-150x150 Poultry Stock

White Hens (Leghorns)

  • Originates from rural Tuscany, Italy
  • Pure breed White Leghorn hens
  • Beautiful combs and pure white feathers
  • Lively and active forager, great egg layer without eating much food
  • 300-330 white eggs per year
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Partridge Leghorns

  • Originate from Tuscany, Italy
  • Beautiful markings, large red floppy combs
  • Lively and energetic
  • Active Forager
  • 280-300 white eggs per year
IMG_6053-150x150 Poultry Stock

Pied Hen

  • Silver Sussex Hybrid, dual purpose hen
  • Striking glossy black plumage, typically laced with silver or white around throat and breast
  • Calm natured hen
  • 280 pale brown/tinted good sized eggs in first year
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Buff Rock

  • Buff Orpington and Plymouth Rock cross breed
  • Amazing light golden plumage
  • Docile bird
  • Make good pets
  • Good first time hen
  • 220 eggs per year
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Buff Sussex

  • Originates from Great Britain
  • Attractive buff colouring
  • Placid, affectionate nature, easily tamed
  • Superb pets, child friendly.
  • Excellent broodies and wonderful mothers
  • Best layers of the original British breeds – often continue producing throughout winter
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Cream Legbar

  • A hybrid of a Brown Leghorn and Barred Rock, they also have some Araucana blood in them
  • Lively bird, easily tamed
  • Care necessary when introducing to a flock as tend to get bullied
  • Good for keepers of any experience
  • Good layers – blue/green eggs
Golden-Speckled--150x150 Poultry Stock

Golden Speckled

  • Rhode Island Red/Maran hen
  • Stunning speckled plumage
  • Docile and good natured
  • A very good first time hen, suitable for children
  • 300 large cream coloured eggs per year
Hybrid-Dark-Egg-Layer-150x150 Poultry Stock

Hybrid Dark Egg Layer

  • Many have feathered legs similar to French Maran
  • Generally quiet and docile, but quite active
  • Suitable to free range or in a coop
  • 200+ dark brown eggs each year
Blue-Egg-Layer-3-150x150 Poultry Stock

Blue Egg Laying Hens

  • Bred from Cream Legbar, often have a tuft or crest on their heads
  • Come in a variety of colours
  • Bright, alert hens
  • Suitable for free range or coop and run
  • Good layers. 300 blue/green eggs in first laying year
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Hybrid Blue-Egg Layers

  • Hybrid Hen with Araucana and Leghorn blood, often have a tuft of crest on their heads
  • Bright and alert, easily tamed
  • Suitable for free range or coop and run
  • Good layers. 280 blue/green eggs per year
Scots-Dumpies-1-150x150 Poultry Stock

Scots Dumpies Trio

  • Ancient in origin, after being shown in 1852 they nearly disappeared for 100 years. In 1970s, breeders in Scotland were successful in re-establishing the breed, but it is still classified as a rare breed
  • Come in black or speckled (barred) colouring
  • Very docile with wonderful brooding ability
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Exchequer Leghorn

  • Originate from Tuscany, Italy
  • Rare, pure bred hen, beautiful black and white markings
  • Active birds, like to free range although been fine kept in display coops
  • 200-250 white eggs per year
Pekin-hen-4032158_1920-1-150x150 Poultry Stock


  • Smooth feathered in various colours with round, fluffy appearance
  • Very docile and tame, placid temperament – great with children
  • With careful, regular handling they will be happy to sit on lap and be stroked and petted
  • Ideal back garden chicken
  • Regularly broody, good sitters
Silver-Painted-Silkie-4-150x150 Poultry Stock


  • Originate from the Orient
  • Small bird with soft silky feathers
  • Fun, characterful, cheerful, docile, gentle nature. Renowned for their clucky curiosity and mothering instincts
  • Easy to rear
  • 260 eggs a year
dwarf-wyandotte-3170765_1920-150x150 Poultry Stock

Chocolate Wyandotte

  • American dual purpose bird
  • Rare chocolate colour
  • Gentle, docile, friendly characters
  • Happy free range or penned
  • Great bantam for first time keepers
  • 200 good sized, brown eggs per year
Chocolate-Orpington-300-x-200-150x150 Poultry Stock

Chocolate Orpington

  • Rare breed birds kept for their looks
  • Docile and thrive on human attention so an exemplary pet – great with young children
  • Need shelter from rain
  • Ideal for first time chicken keepers
  • Reasonable egg layers – more in the summer months
Dutch-Bantam-150x150 Poultry Stock


  • Originate from the Netherlands
  • True bantam breed. No large fowl version
  • Mixed colours – silver, gold, lemon porcelain
  • Friendly characters, easily tamed, calm and friendly
  • Work well in a coop or free range. Easy to keep
  • 160 small cream/white eggs a year. Good size eggs considering size
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Buff Sussex

  • Originates from Great Britain
  • Attractive buff colouring
  • Placid, affectionate nature, easily tamed, superb pets, child friendly
  • Excellent layers – often continue producing throughout winter
IMG_3634-150x150 Poultry Stock

Trio of Buff Orpingtons

  • Breeding trio, 1 cockerel and 2 hens
  • Rare breed birds with large, thick plumage
  • Docile, very friendly and thrive on human attention. Even cockerels are calm and usually ok with children. Will eat out of your hand
  • Great for a family back garden. Need shelter from rain
  • 150+ pale brown/cream eggs a year
Australorp-Bantam-300x200-150x150 Poultry Stock

Trio of Australorps

  • Australian dual purpose bird bred from Black Orpington, Langshan, Minorca and White Leghorn.
  • Beautiful sheen and reflective plumage. Dark eyes
  • Docile, friendly and happy
  • Adaptable to coop with run or free range
  • Easy to keep, suitable for any experience and children
  • 250 eggs per year
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Pair of Silver Spangled Hamburgs

  • Origin unclear, but mainly known to be from Holland and Germany
  • Many different colours – Gold, Silver, Citron in both spangled and pencilled versions. Striking markings
  • Easy to look after, economical appetite, alert and active foragers
  • Good egg layers for bantams – 150 white eggs per year

Ducks, Geese and Quails

Khaki-Campbell-150x150 Poultry Stock

Khaki Campbell

  • Originated in England at end of 19th Century
  • Excellent foragers
  • Access to water required for paddling and bathing
  • Reluctant flyers so wing-clipping generally considered unnecessary
  • Lay up to 300 large, white eggs a year. Really tasty and great for cake baking
Cayuga-150x150 Poultry Stock


    (Breeding stock only, not for sale)

  • Originate from Lake Cayuga (Finger Lakes), New York
  • Beautiful, reflective green plumage
  • Docile and friendly, great introduction to duck keeping
  • Too heavy to fly, easily confined in a garden
  • Lay between 40 and 100 eggs per year
Muscovy-150x150 Poultry Stock

Muscovy Ducks

  • Native to Central and South America – the only domestic duck not derived from mallard stock
  • Unique red, lumpy crest around eyes and above beak called carruncling. More prominent in drakes who are larger than females
  • Generally quiet and gently birds
  • Females can sit three times a year, egg clutches vary from 8 to 21 eggs
Indian-Runner-2-150x150 Poultry Stock

Indian Runner

  • Found on the Indonesian Islands of Lombok, Java and Bali
  • Run upright and can’t fly
  • Happy with a shallow tub to splash in if no pond available
  • Great as a family pet
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Call Ducks

  • Originally bred as decoy ducks
  • Wonderful, ornamental, miniature ducks – come in an amazing array of colours
  • Vocal, cute and absolutely gorgeous!
  • Suitable as a back garden pet as being small they make less mess
  • Like a tub of water to splash in
mandarin-ducks-3412445_1920-300-x-200-150x150 Poultry Stock

Mandarin pairs

  • Originate from North America
  • Medium sized perching duck, sociable and non aggressive
  • Nest in raised boxes
  • Generally winter hardy but may require shelter in very cold weather or if water is frozen
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Carolina pairs

  • Ornamental ducks with stunning plumage and white rings around eyes. Drake has red eyes
  • Sociable and non aggressive
  • Nest in raised boxes
  • Generally winter hardy but may require shelter in very cold weather or if water is frozen
Image-Coming-Soon Poultry Stock

Silver Appleyard

  • Originated in Britain during 1930s and 40s
  • Quiet, quiet nature, well suited to being kept at home. Tends to stay close to home if well-fed
  • Disinclined to fly
  • Great for first time keepers and children
  • Lay around 250 white eggs yearly
Cherry-Khaki--150x150 Poultry Stock

Cherry Khaki Ducks

  • Reluctant flyers so wing clipping generally considered unnecessary
  • Splashers rather than swimmers – need access to clean water in which to paddle and bathe
  • Excellent foragers and can live happily alongside hens
  • Well known as an excellent layer. Can lay 300+ large white eggs year, rich in taste and idea for cake baking
White-Campbell-150x150 Poultry Stock

White Campbell

  • Originate from England from end of 19th Century
  • Reluctant flyers so wing clipping generally considered unnecessary
  • Splashers rather than swimmers – need access to clean water in which to paddle and bathe
  • Excellent foragers
  • Up to 300 large, white eggs a year. Rich in taste
West-of-England-Geese-150x150 Poultry Stock

West of England Geese pair

  • Ancient British breed that wasn’t standardised until 1999. Endangered species
  • Geese have a classic saddleback pattern. Ganders are white to pied colours
  • Calm temperament
  • Good egg layer
Sebastopol-Geese-1-150x150 Poultry Stock

Sebastopol Geese pair

  • Appears to have originated from area around Danube. Also known as Danubian, Lockengans or Struppgans (meaning “curl-goose” and “unkempt goose”)
  • Descended from the Greylag which also owes some of its size and appearance to crossing with the Embden
  • Overall white in colour with orange bill and feet. Striking blue eyes
  • Classed as a rare breed
Japanese-Quail-300-x-200-150x150 Poultry Stock

Japanese Quail

  • A hardy bird that thrives in small cages.
  • Inexpensive to keep
  • A simple rabbit hutch, or a chicken coop for a bantam, is ideal for housing 6 quails
  • Lay up to 320 eggs a year and will lay most eggs from spring until autumn
  • Mature in 6 weeks and usually in full egg production by 50 days of age
Italian-Quails-150x150 Poultry Stock

Italian Quail

  • Male has a pure hazelnut coloured chest. Female has pale speckled chest
  • A simple rabbit hutch, or a chicken coop for a bantam, is ideal for housing 6 quails
  • Lay up to 300 eggs a year, cream with brown spots
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