Keeping Your Poultry Healthy

Like all animals, poultry are susceptible to the cold weather and do pick up the odd cold and flu. They can also be prone to getting internal worms and harbouring mites and lice. We know it’s important to ward off as many of these nasties as you can and that’s why we stock a variety of different poultry health products including supplements, worming pellets, pecking treatments, mite and lice treatment and housing disinfectants.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s wrong with your chickens, but our team is always here to help you with any issues and queries that you have and keeping your poultry healthy. Pop in with your chicken or give us a call. We also have a veterinary practice on site, so for anything a little more serious professional help is not far away.

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Disinfecting Products
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Health Supplements
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Pecking Treatments
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Worming Pellets
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Lice and Mite Treatments

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