It has been great this week to have some hot sun, the sun warming the air and the ground puts plant growth into top gear. With the plant working hard to grow we must feed and water them to maximise their potential flowering and or fruiting. Most plants prefer a humid rather than dry atmosphere to grow in. In a greenhouse or conservatory where the daily temperatures get very high spray water over the floor, the evaporating water will increase the relative humidity of the air, this in turn will reduce the stress on the plant, by reducing the need for transpiration (Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as from leaves but also from stems and flowers.) If you don’t want to put water on the floor spray the plant with a water mist several times during the day, less stress more growth, higher, better yield/flower.

Soluble feed put into your watering reaches the plant roots quicker than spreading dry fertiliser over the surface of the ground. A dry Growmore type fertiliser is best spread over the shrub bed or pots at the beginning of the season. When the soil has warmed up and the plants are growing quickly they need to get the nutrients quickly so soluble feed is best. Tomorite is one of the best all round soluble feeds it covers all bases, it is haigh in potash, great for flowering and fruiting plants.

I have been at Chelsea flower show all week building the stand for Nicolas Moreton sculptor which Bell Plantation Garden Centre have sponsored. It is amazing to watch all the wonderful show stands develop over the week, I have also been falling in love with Nicolas’ work, his sculptures are absolutely amazing, please have a look at his work. We do actually have a couple at Bell Plantation. If you visit Chelsea flower show go and have a chat with him, there are some very special pieces there. I hope he has a wonderful show. Rain is forecast for next week!

Make the most of this weekend

Have a great time


Ashley Warren

Ashley Warren has lived and loved horticulture and agriculture all his life; he had his first greenhouse at the age of 10 and his first cow when he was 16. He started landscaping in 1984 mainly in Milton Keynes and then all over the country. He moved to Daventry Road Farmhouse in 1987 and has developed Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester, Northants over the last 30 years.

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