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An ornament can create a focal point to your outdoor space or perhaps just help enhance your plants and garden. We stock a variety of ornaments from the garden that range from the traditional stone designs, to modern metal options. Here are just some of our collection...

Water Features

These simple water features make a fantastic statement to any garden by creating sound and movement. The sound of water running is seen by many as creating a tranquil and peaceful area perfect to relax on a warm day and is also a great way to shield you from any unwanted neighbourhood noise. Water features can also help you encourage wildlife as Birds, Frogs and other insects are more likely to frequent your garden when there is a water source available

Only have a small garden? The reflective properties of water mean it can make some spaces look bigger. These easy fountains are simple to setup, and some of them of them don’t even need a water supply. We have a range of styles to complement your garden and needs..

Garden Lighting

Make the most of your garden all day! Whether you are relaxing after a hard day or entertaining friends, make sure it looks stunning all day long with the addition of garden lighting. Here is just some of what we have available in store:

Wind Chimes & Spinners

Our wind spinners are not just mesmerizing, but they also dance in the wind reflecting colours around adding a new dimension to your outside space. Or why not consider a Wind Chime to help you relax with a therapeutic sound. Here are just some of our range...

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