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I am delighted to say that we have found a bank that is going to fund our expansion. After trying for over 4 years we managed to move to Nat West last December. We will be starting construction of our new shop and plant area in July this year. Back in 2008 we managed to get planning permission for a much larger shop and glass covered plant area. The first phase scheduled for July will be another 4000sq foot shop the same size as our existing shop plus 10,000sq ft of glass which will join the shop to the Cafe. I am sure you will also be please to hear we will be building some more toilets!

Meanwhile the seasons continue to roll by. Our seed potatoes will be in next week, following a great evening at the Paulerspury Garden Club meeting last year, we will be offering a pick and mix option. Fore certain people there are too many of one type of potato tuber in a 2kg bag, this pick and mix option should solve that problem. We will open several 25kg bulk bags for our customers to choose from.

Fruit-Veg2 Expansion Plans

Every week for the last 5 weeks I have been travelling to Sandy, Bedfordshire to collect fresh vegetables and some fruit from a Grower / wholesaler. Obviously we want the freshest vegetables to compliment our wonderful Shorthorn beef. We will be having some great offers weekly while great Bedfordshire vegetables are in season.
I know I always keep on about the soil, it is soil around Sandy that enable a large amount of vegetables to be grown. It is very free draining due to the amount of large sandy particles that make up the soil, because it is free draining large tractors can travel on the soil soon after it has rained. This means the crops can be harvested at any time of year, even during the wet winters. The soil being light, it warms up quicker in the spring allowing the plants to get growing sooner in the season. Brassicas and root vegetables do not like soils that are too wet either.
Highlights from this trip, Seville oranges for making Marmalade. Cavolo nero, lush Italian kale, lush!

I guess most of your gardens are saturated after the very wet December and beginning of January. Digging, cultivating while the soil is so wet can cause more harm that good so probably well left alone. There is never a bad time for spreading a mulch! If you have loads of spring flowering bulbs don’t put the mulch on too thick as the bulbs may never surface, 50mm should be plenty. We have loads of large Allium at home that seed profusely after flowering in the summer, I am amazed at how many seedlings we get growing each year, too thick a mulch would deter their growth so where I want these to establish I will apply the mulch a little thinner. Every day when I feed the cows I return with a barrow full of mulch and spread it on the shrub beds, time and motion!

Due to the very warm weather we have already taken our first delivery of herbaceous perennials, some with good growth. Protected after planting with some fleece or kept in a cool greenhouse these plants should grow on to produce some colour earlier than usual.

Great frost last night, look forward to some sun and high pressure weather to dry up the garden.

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