Enjoy a free range local turkey this Christmas!

Reared in Northamptonshire, our free-range Turkeys are the finest quality, combining ethical practices with years of experience to give you the tastiest turkey for your Christmas dinner.

Free Range Turkeys

(Prices per kg)

Bronze Turkeys – £12.70 per Kg

White Turkeys – £9.95 per Kg

Available sizes between 4.5kg – 9.5kg

Free Range Bronze Turkey Crowns

(Prices per kg)

Bronze Turkeys – £20.30 per Kg

White Turkeys – £15.90 per Kg

Please note sizes can vary up 10%

Available sizes between 2.7kg – 5.4kg

What is the difference between White and Bronze Turkeys?

Both turkeys have a white breast meat and brown leg meat. White turkeys have white feathers and bronze turkeys have darker feathers that could range from black to a brown copper colour.

The bronze turkeys are a slower growing turkey and usually has a more intense flavour than a white turkey.

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