Boscobel Rose

Boscobel Rose

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I had the pleasure of attending the National Plant show at Stoneleigh yesterday. Just a quick visit to meet one or two new English suppliers. David Austin roses had an amazing stand there with an array of beautiful scented flowering roses. A rose called Boscobel featured very heavily. I planted 3 in my garden 4 years ago and they are an absolutely fantastic rose to enjoy (a picture of one of mine attached), they are heavily scented disease free, grow easily, flower for a long period through the season and you may get a second flush of flowers. Highly recommended.

IMG_6634-e1498139952672 Boscobel Rose

I am afraid we didn’t manage last week to take the honey from our hive. As it was so hot most of the bees spent most of the week outside the hive trying to shield it from the sun, they were also a little angry due to the heat so we thought we had better not disturb them. Also John got stung by a couple of them and had an allergic reaction to the sting, a quick visit to our amazing A & E for a couple of anti histamine jabs.

We have been watering our plants by hand twice a day here at the Garden Centre due to the intense heat. They really have struggled and some are showing signs of stress. Make sure plants are well fed and watered. My melons at home have grown so quickly in this heat they are going a little yellow, I have obviously not given them enough feed. As a result of this I am struggling to get any fruit to set on the plant. When plants are growing fast they need plenty of nitrogen, phosphates and potash. Soluble feed in the water gets to the roots quicker.

Enjoy your garden, hope to see you soon.


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