Top 5 Tips to encourage birds into your garden

1. Provide a variety of food

As you can imagine birds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they all have their favourite food and way of feeding so if you want to attract a range of different birds it is worth considering what food and feeders you use.

Once you start feeding make sure you continue as birds are creatures of habit and will continue to visit your garden if they know there is food for them.

2. Provide water too

Birds don’t just need food but water too. There are lots of ways you can introduce a water source into your garden such as a pond or a birdbath but you can keep it as simple as an upturned bin lid or similar to give them somewhere to bathe and drink!

Whilst it might look a little chilly at this time of year bathing for birds is essential to keep their feathers at their best – it is also good fun to watch them!

3. Consider your location of feeders

If possible it is best to place feeders near a bush or cover for them to help escape predators. Even if it’s location is half concealed by cover it will help

4. Keep it clean

Bird feeders, tables or baths should be cleaned regularly to help prevent the spreading of disease between birds as they can easily spread this from one to the other.

5. Give them a place to call home

By putting up a nest box now it gives birds a chance to find it and with a bit of luck and perhaps with the help of a feeder or 2 you might see some new additions in your garden soon!

If you don’t have space for a nest box why not consider a thick shrub or hedge that they could nest in.

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